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In April 2002 we moved from Germany to Sydney, Australia. Purpose of this site was (and still is) to keep in touch with our friends and relatives in "Good Old Europe". A web server and a digital camera make it so easy to let them know in a timely manner how we spend our weekends and holidays, what life is like in Down Under, and which novelties we may experience 17,000 kilometres "from home".

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Homepage: Stuart Highway

The Stuart Highway (photo was taken a few hundred kilometres north of Alice Springs) is the main north-south road through Australia. It connects Darwin in the Northern Territory with Adelaide in South Australia. The whole road is paved, thus easily accessible even with a 2-wheel drive. However, lots of animals, mostly kangaroos, camels and cows, cross the highway and are a major hazard, especially at night.

Monthly Reports: Street in a Sydney Suburb

Sydney is a collection of some 720 suburbs, each with its own typical flair. The streets in our suburb Balmain are lined with colourful houses that accommodate lots of interesting shops and eatery-style restaurants.

Pictures: Art Gallery of New South Wales

The Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney's Botanic Gardens houses many of the best images and sculptures that can be found in Australia. Especially remarkable is the collection of Aboriginal and Torres Islander art. The building itself got enlarged and renovated several times, thus creating an iteresting contrast between old and new.

Für Sydney-Besucher (German only): Skyline

This photo of the Sydney skyline at dusk was taken from Nielsen Park, a part of Sydney Harbour National Park some kilometres east of the city centre. It is easily accessible by bus or ferry and a short walk. The track along the shoreline is magnificent. Our favourite is to go there by boat and have a picnic on one of the tiny beaches.

Für Auswanderwillige (German only): Lake Birrabeen

One of the many highlights of a kayaking holiday to Fraser Island (see our corresponding photo gallery) was the guided tour introducing us to the geology, fauna and flora of this World Heritage listed National Park. The water of the inland lakes is crystal clear since it is filtered by the fine sand during the ages lasting process of making its way to the surface.

Special: Blue Mountains

A must see for everybody spending some days in Sydney are the Blue Mountains 100 kilometres west of the city. Though most organised tours bring their clients to the famous Three Sisters rock formation in Katoomba, you can only get a real idea of this stunning and grand World Heritage area once you have hiked down into the valleys.

This section: Kookaburra

The Laughing Kookaburra is probably the best known and most typical of all endemic Australian birds. His characteristic laughter-like noises easily replace an alarm clock (we know what we are talking about...).

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