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Claudia and Peter in the Land of Oz

"Yet another homepage the world has been waiting for ..." – if you think like that, sorry for being so frank, you actually don't belong to our target group.

What's New

  • Nothing at all! We have to apologize: We simply can't keep up maintaining this website bilangually. Be assured that we will do our best to translate each and every German monthly report. But at this stage its English equivalent is out-dated. Sorry again ...

In April 2002 we left Germany, and thus lots of friends and all our relatives. This site shall help to keep in contact. If you like to browse it a bit and want to benefit from the experiences we gained, please feel free to do so.

The two chapters Monthly Reports and Pictures are meant to keep in touch with you, our friends from around the world. In our Monthly Reports, we publish some of our little and big experiences Down Under. The photo galleries explore some topics more deeply or provide visual insights into our daily life and our activities.

Additionally, there are two chapters addressing tourists and people willing to relocate from Germany to Australia. However, they are maintained only in German. If you get along with the language, we invite you to have a look into Für Sydney-Besucher and Für Auswanderwillige.

Finally, our website is complemented by the section Special which contains some impressions that did not find their way into our monthly reports e.g. because they do not belong to a particular month. Many of them are articles that were written for our club magazine.